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Thursday, June 29, 2006

$58.06 of Mindless Fun

Found this over at Lucy's:

How much are you really worth?Look over the list below, taking the dollar amounts from each of the things you have done (whether past or present) and add it up...than post how much you are worth in your blog title. Don't forget to pass it along...

1. Have gone past first base--$4
2. Have had sexual intercourse-- $5
3. Have only went as far as first base-- $3
4. Have smoked an unfiltered cigarette or cigar-- $5
5. Have gotten so drunk, you've thrown up-- $5
6. Have gone skinny dipping-- $3
7. Have kissed someone of the opposite sex-- $4
8. Have had more than one bf/gf at the same time-- $2
9. Have cheated on someone you are in a commited relationship with-- $2
10. Have fallen asleep during class-- $0.50
11. Have cheated on a quiz-- $1
12. Have been expelled-- $5
13. Have been in a fist fight-- $3
14. Have given oral-- $5
15. Have received oral-- $5
16. Have prank called the cops-- $3
17. Have stolen something from a store-- $2
18. Have done some form of illegal drugs-- $5
19. Have dyed your hair a color that evokes stares-- $0.50
20. Have done something of a sexual nature with someone at least 5 yrs older than you-- $3
21. Have dated someone over 18 while you were under 18-- $4
22. Have eaten an entire bag of Oreos-- $0.50
23. Have cried yourself to sleep over a member of the opposite sex-- $1
24. Have said you love someone but didn't actually mean it-- $1
25. Have ever been in love-- $4
26. Have ever been in lust--$0.01
27. Have gotten caught doing something that you shouldn't have been doing-- $1
28. Have performed some sort of sexual activity in a house of worship-- $10
29. Have gotten arrested-- $5
30. Have spent a night in jail--$7
31. Have made out with someone at the movies-- $2
32. Have peed in a pool-- $0.03
33. Have played spin the bottle-- $1
34. Have done something that you regret-- $3
35. Have been in love with someone that you never told--$0.02

My Birthday

Webmiztris has tagged no one on this meme and I'm a big nobody, so here I go.......

1. Go to Wikipedia.
2. In the Search box, type your birth month and day (but not year).
3. List three events that happened on your birthday.
4. List two important birthdays and one interesting death.
5. One holiday or observance (if any).

3 events:

1732 - Benjamin Franklin publishes Poor Richard's Almanack.
1998 - The U.S. House of Representatives passes articles of impeachment against President Bill Clinton over the Lewinsky scandal.
2001 - the first film in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, opens in theaters.

2 birthdays
1960 - Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady for those of you who don't know) Same year even!!!
1980 - Jake Gyllenhall (yum)

1 death
1848 - Emily Bronte

1 holiday or observance
Feast of St. Boniface (I love that there is a feast on my birthday!)

And as usual, I tag anybody that wants to play along......

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Big News

Monday - Tb filled out admission papers for college.

Tuesday - Tb got his FAFSA completed and requested his immunization records from the clinic. a haircut.

I'm so happy.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Totally Hoffsome!

The Hoff returns with another of his delightfully nostalgic pop renditions.

I especially like the part where it looks like he is in hell.

And if that isn't entertainment enough, make sure you check out this video at Give Me the Booger. I had that damn song stuck in my head all last night.....

Back to the Fair....

Well, now that blogger will let me upload pictures again, let's continue on our journey.

Here is my disgruntled duck sitting on a John Deere tractor. This gave him a dirty butt. I washed it when we got home with Hello Kitty hand soap, this gave him a sparkly butt.

After walking around, we got thirsty, so we got a Lemonade. I had to have this damn cup. Not really sure why. But I sure do like it. It will work great on The Deck. The lemonade was great. Actual lemon was used in the making.

I really like county fairs. The town I am from has a fair every year. I haven't been to it for 7 years now. But, would like to start going again as this is the same time classes have their reunions. Being from a small town, you get to know everyone you go to high school with, not just the people in your class....These same "teenagers" I used to be friends with, hang out with, look up to or despise are all 30 years older now....It would be fun to see how they turned out. I have heard rumors of an all-school reunion coming up, in 2008, when our town celebrates its 100th birthday. Hope that happens.

Well, enough about the fair. Time to go home. My duck is pooped.

Monday, June 26, 2006

A Day at the Fair

Kt and I took the day off Friday and ventured to a small town fair. It was a great way to spend a day off.

There was a carnival, farm animals, crafts, jelly, flowers, farm equipment and food. Lots of great carnival fare.

Here is lunch (which I have titled "Foot Long Love")


After lunch we hit the midway for a rousing game of SKEE BALL! It was weird, we had just been discussing SkeeBall at lunch on Monday and there it was....ready for our enjoyment. And! I won!! A prize!!

Look really really can see him....way down there in the lower left-hand corner. see?????

I won the first game I played and then the rip-off artist that was running the game decided to move me to a new lane. Bitch. I really wanted the purple smiley face thingy.

I'll write more about my adventures with my duck at fair tomorrow.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yes! I loved the Ventriloquist!

Completely and totally stolen from NBC's website!

Kevin Johnson and his two puppets brought some good old-fashioned ventriloquism to America's Got Talent. Piers wasn't too impressed with Kevin's act and gave him a "X," but Brandy and David seemed to enjoy Kevin's act. It wasn't until he got funnier with his act that Piers admitted he wanted to take back the "X" he'd given Kevin. He admitted he later found Kevin and his puppets very entertaining. The audience really liked Kevin, too. They gave him a standing ovation! He made it to the next round.

Okay, now this is me: Not only does this guy have the same name as my 7th grade crush....He was funny! And very talented. He did a bit that looked like a Japanese movie that had been badly dubbed. It was hoffsome! I tried to find a video link, but sadly, I can't.

I don't know if I loved the show enough to continue watching and it does fall on a school night. So probably won't.

What Up, Kaysar??!!??

Big Brother All-Stars kicked off last night with a 'here's why you should vote for me' show. I'm here to publicly admit that I watch, and love, Big Brother. I'm really excited about the All-Star Show and have already been over to vote for my favorite guys. And Janelle. I hate all of the other women, so they ain't getting my vote....

But this guy, I will vote for him daily. And if you love me, you will to. What great eye-candy and he's nice.

I also voted for evil Dr. Will and James. I love Marcellus, but I want him to be on House Calls! He can't be the host if he's in the house! He is just a hoot!

In other TV news. . . America's Got Talent aired last night. Now, normally, I wouldn't watch that kind of a show, BUT David Hasselhoff is a judge. Awesome! Or should I say "Hoffsome!". I did really like the ventriloquist, the rest, eh....

Summer has arrived and in honor of this momentous occassion, Kt and I had the most Hoffsome grilling session. We did teriyaki chicken, grilled pineapple, roasted asparagus and fried rice. It was yummy. And we downed a bottle of Boone's farm....Summertime.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm It!

5 Things you hate
Black Olives
That toenail fungus creature

5 Things you love
The Deck
Chinese food

5 Items you can't live without
I'm completely stumped on this one......

5 TV characters you would want to be for a day
Kate from Lost, I'd so do Sawyer or Sayid or Jack.......
7 of 9 - have you seen that bod????
Phyllis on Y & R
The Road Runner

5 Favorite clothing items
my pink sweater
my pink sweater
my pink sweater
my pink sweater
my pink sweater

5 Things in your purse
cell phone
check book
burt's bees lip goo

5 Favorite stores
Bath & Body Works
Pier One
Barnes & Noble
Antique stores

5 Nicknames you've had in the past
Cath - only call me that if you want to die

5 People to annoy the hell out of by meme-ing them
Normally, I just annoy everyone......I'm an equal opportunity annoyance.

One Thing Leads to Another

Due to overwhelming demand, I am posting. I never realized I was so exciting! Thank you! Thank you very much!!

My horoscope today: Get back in touch with someone who always knows the exact right thing to say. I wish I could figure out who this person is, because I want to talk to her/him. But so far, I’m drawing a blank.

Tb has made contact with his half-sister. I found her on myspace (I know, I’m too old for that). But, I did set up a page so she could see some pictures of her "little" brother. She only found out about him 4 years ago. I spoke to her shortly after she found out. She seems like a really nice girl. She is now 25 and lives in California. She has a little girl and another baby on the way. We have exchanged a couple of e-mails and she has supplied us with a few pics of her brother. She asked Tb if he wanted to meet their dad. He tells me that he doesn’t. And I doubt that "dad" wants to meet him. I don’t want them to. I guess it wouldn’t be bad if they just met, so they could at least say that they did. But I don’t want them to develop any kind of a relationship. He has never had anything to do with Tb, he doesn’t deserve a relationship. I’m all fine and dandy with the sister. It’s not her fault that her father is an asshole.

Maybe I should share the story of how I got Tb. I got married to R when I was 18. I know, DUMB! But, at that point in my life, I really did know everything. Really. So anyway, 7 years later, we split up. We were separated for about a year before the divorce was final. In the meantime....I was busy going to school and working a couple of days a week at a local department store. When summer rolled around and the student loan funds were long gone....I was not making enough money to pay my bills. So, since my mom owned a restaurant, I went to work for her. Had to keep the job a the department store, so I would work there on Friday and Saturday one week and then on Monday and Tuesday the next week. (This was before ND had Sunday opening) The rest of the time, I went and worked for mom.

While I was there, I met this guy. He was funny, cute, and we seemed to end up at all the same parties and places. I explained to him that I was separated from my husband and he told me that he was also separated. Well, one night, after drinking and painting a demolition derby car, we ended up having sex. The next day, I went to the beach with my friends. And, hey look - there’s L and his wife and his 2 kids. This is where I learned that separated has many definitions. For me it was: my spouse and I are living in different houses and are talking to lawyers. His: I’m out partying and she’s home taking care of the kids.

Oh well, good thing I found out before anything got too serious. Right? Wrong. A few weeks later, I realized something was missing....bought the EPT and voile....Baby on Board.

So now you know.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Spring Break!!!

I made it through my first quarter of college! Whoo Hoo!!! Finished up Ethics class last night, got back my final paper that had massive amounts of stress associated with it. Got a 98. An A. And an A for my final grade. I am shocked and yet, ecstatic.

Now, no classes til July 5! Party on! Maybe I should go to Miami or something? Oh wait, still have a job.....dammit.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I Have Tasty Melons

So I've been told. Guess you had to be there.......

And yes folks, that is Witchie-Poo, from the wild and crazy world of Sid & Marty Krofft. H.R. Pufnstuf was one of my favorite "cartoons" as a kid. I had a serious crush on Jack Wild and his awesome English accent. Cute, Very Cute. Now, he's dead. Sad, Very Sad. How old does that make me when the teen idols of my time are starting to die off???? Take care of yourself Donny!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Weather Pixie

I added a weather pixie! Now everybody (and I KNOW that everybody reads this blog!), can see how fun the weather is in North Dakota.

Oh - I don't look a thing like my pixie.....there were no middle-aged pixies to pick from! Probably should look more like this:

Monday, June 12, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday

Geez, haven't done a real post in over a week. I suck. Monday I was cranky and crampy and stressing about the Ethics paper. Tuesday, Kt and I had an end of the world as we know it barbeque and drink fest. Wednesday....finished Ethics paper. Thursday, turned in Ethics paper now I can stress about the final in 3 days. Friday went to a b'day party for a friend. Saturday and Sunday, did nothing of any importance or interest. I was kind of a slug. Wow. An update on the boring life that is mine.

Ethics class. I really haven't learned all that much about ethics. The instructor, is a nice guy. He is interesting, but he prefers to talk about current events. We really haven't discussed our textbook much. Which is causing me to stress out about the final test. However. One of the girls in our class, has had him for other classes and says that his finals are really simple. He likes to have questions like "what is your name?" or "what is your favorite color?" So, do I spend time re-reading a book that was never really discussed, or just wing it? grrrr. I had an A at mid-term, but that was based on one writing assignment (that was never returned), attendance and participation. Now, we will have our final paper (I'll be happy with a C) and the "final" -- whatever it will be. Hopefully, will be able to pull off a B.

The other class. When I read the info on this one, not excited at all. But, I really have enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. We have an interesting group of people and I really like the instructor. I have actually learned some study habits and other "success strategies" that I will put to work for me. I don't have to take the final in this class because I have perfect attendance. But we do have a final paper that we have to read aloud to the class. I have my ideas written out. Now to get it typed. I should maintain my A in this class.

Found out on Friday that Tb's half-brother died on memorial day weekend. He fell off a 100 ft cliff. He was 21. They had never met. I always had hoped that they would one day. Tb has spoken to his half-sister. But they have lost touch. He found a couple of e-mail addresses in the on-line guest book and is trying to find a way to contact her. One of the people did e-mail him back with the sperm donor's e-mail address, but he doesn't want to contact him. Hopefully, the other person he contacted will have a direct address to his sister.

Today has been a very unproductive day. I hate it when that happens. I found out that I made a ginormous mistake on something and just feel like crap about it. It will all work out in the end, but still. grrr. Mad at me.

We had 4 and 1/2 days of no sun. It's finally come out this afternoon. It's amazing how much better my outlook on life is in the sunshine.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Couple of Links

Kt and I did the 26 things things. Here is a link to our photos.

And the damn link doesn't work for the quiz below. This one will.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I did this.

This just might be the best picture I have ever taken:

It really was a damn good margarita......

Sunday, June 04, 2006

WARNING: PMS post ahead

I hate people. I'm at the part-time job. Gawd people get worked up over a stupid newspaper. I understand the whole point of wanting to get what you paid for. But for fuck's sake people. It's a paper. It's probably being delivered by a kid or an adult who doesn't have the werewithall find a real job. I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!! Being mean to me will not get you your paper faster. It will not improve your delivery service.

Tb didn't come home last night. I'm collecting my key and giving him the few things he has at my house today. I don't need any more shit in my life. If he wants to act like this....and by this, I mean drinking, skipping work because of a hang over, driving illegally, not bothering to go to college, staying out all night, etc, etc.....he has to do it somewhere else. It's really too bad. He could be a really good person without too much effort. I'm really sorry I failed him.

Yesterday, 3 people called me. After each call, I was in tears. PMS. Think I'll leave the phone shut off and lock myself in my room with the covers over my head.

I got about 3 hours of sleep last night. Between Tb not coming home, stressing about my ethics paper, and the heat, sleep was elusive. Kinda adds to the crabby factor.

And, speaking of the newspaper. There was something in there today that pissed me off. I don't want to talk about just yet. So, this part is just a reminder to me. Remember how that made you feel? Do you really want to keep feeling this way? Didn't think so.

I hate people.

Friday, June 02, 2006

OMG! I'm more Liberal than I thought!

Your Political Profile:
Overall: 65% Conservative, 35% Liberal
Social Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal
Personal Responsibility: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal
Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal
Ethics: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal
Defense and Crime: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

So, about 2 am this morning, Tb comes home. Wakes me up and tells me some BS about being at Trent's helping him fix his car....blah blah blah. After he walks out of my room to head to the couch, I get up to pee. Smells like a freekin' brewery in the doorway of my bedroom.

Me: You been drinking?

Him: No.

Me: Sure does smell like it.

I go pee and go back to bed. My alarm goes off at 5 like it always does. I hit the snooze. My gym bag is packed so I can snooze for a few minutes before I go brush me teeth and leave. My alarm goes off again. I shut it off. Then, hear Tb heading to the bathroom. And from the sounds of things in there.....not anything I wanted to rush into. So, rolled over and laid in bed for about 20 minutes. Finally had to get up (my bladder said so) and went to the bathroom. While I'm in there, I hear barfing noises from the living room. Great.

I go back to my room for about 5 minutes and then get in the shower. Then the fun begans. I start opening the front door, looking for the newspaper, letting the door slam shut. I get a glass of water. I take the dirty dishes out of the sink. After 3 tries, I get the newspaper. I open the windows. I turn on the tv. I sit down, turn on the light and read the paper. Meanwhile, Mr. I-haven't-been-drinking-but-just-filled-a-bucket-with-barf, moans, groans and acts all put out because I'm keeping him awake.

As I am leaving for work I say, "Tb". No answer. Again. No answer. Again, this time louder. Nothing. Louder with the added, I'm going to keep talking until you answer me. Finally, coherent noise is made. "Make sure that vomit is cleaned up before you go to work". Mumble. "Did you hear me? I'm not leaving until I get an anwer." He says okay. On my way out, I have to remind him that one of the conditions of him living there is no drinking.

Tonight. I go psycho-bitch on his ass.

He drove home. 19, drunk, no insurance. What an ass. But he's an adult now.

My Happy Place

Okay, ya'll have probably seen this over at Kt's place already. But I want it on MINE!!

I like Smiley Face stuff. Have lots of it and I'm always looking for more. Thank goodness for thrift stores and e-bay.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I paid tuition for THIS?

I'm sitting in my Business Ethics class right now. Tonight we are being allowed to work on our final research papers. My paper, on my other computer. So I'll just blog for a bit. Our instructor did not tell us that class tonight would be spent working on the papers, or I would have made sure I had my draft copy with me. dammit. I do have the rough draft that I sent to him 2 weeks ago, but I've worked on it since then and so, I have nothing to do. Damn unethical of him, don't you think?

We had an event at work today. Lots of small people running around. They all seemed to be having a good time. There was a trebuchet. Didn't get to see it operating this year though. bummer. Last year, they did it right outside kt's office and I think there was a schedule that was shared with us. This year, no such luck.

Found out last night that I don't have to take the final for my Success Strategies class. I'm one of the few that has perfect attendance, so no final taking for me! Not that this was a difficult class and I'm sure the final will be easy. But...just nice to not have to stress about it.

Well, Tb never got his stuff from his old apartment. I'm pretty pissed about this. He doesn't seem to give a shit. I think he has some mis-guided notion that he will now be able to sue his former roommate for dumping his stuff. I really thought I raised him better than that. Oh well, guess he IS an adult now and has to be responsible for himself. Sure hope he doesn't expect me to help him replace all the stuff. Ain't gonna happen. He can buy the new mattress, the new tv, the new play station, shampoo, razors, underwear, socks, books, etc. And start from scratch with the memories, you know, photos, cards, mementos.

He's still sleeping on the couch. I'm back to my passive aggressive bitchyness and trying to be as noisy as possible when I get up in the morning. I usually get up at 5. That's 2 whole hours before he does. Unloading the dishwasher at 6 am is now my favorite activity.

I think I'm going to leave. I'm hungry. And want vegetables. Think I'll pick up Chinese on the way home. Beef and broccoli sounds yummy. And even somewhat healthy. Added bonus...then I'll have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Then I can put on my jammies, pack up my gym bag, read for a bit and get to bed. How fun is my life?

Friday tomorrow! WooHoo!