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Thursday, April 24, 2008

(Semi-)Private Showing

I knew I had to see it in the theater or I would regret it. I wasn't expecting much from the movie, but since my Donny was in it, I knew I had to go. If nothing else, it would just be fun to see him up there on the big screen, larger than life.

I went to the "matinee" this afternoon. Well, the 4:50 showing, but it is still at matinee prices. Yes! I really can't stand paying $8.00 for a movie. I got my $6.00 ticket and my $7.25 worth of popcorn and soda...geez....and made my way to theater number 5. I had the whole place to myself. Hmmm, where should I sit. I got as close to the middle as I could and made myself comfy. Soon, the previews started and just as they were wrapping walked two more people. Damn. Oh well.

I think Martin Lawrence is pretty funny. Raven - meh. Albert the pig was really great. And then there was my Donny....The part was perfect for him. I can't even imagine anyone else in the role.

So anyway, I was pleasantly surprised -- the movie was actually entertaining. I laughed. I oogled Donny. I ate popcorn. It's all good.

And another thing...going to a movie by myself....WAAAYYYYY out of my comfort zone. I did it. I lived. Go me.


Blogger Tug said...

3 things chickadee:

1. YAY YOU!! So glad you got out & did something you wanted to, alone or not. YAY

2. Now I want some movie theater popcorn. shit.

3. If I go to a movie by myself, who will wake me up when it's over?

8:44 PM  
Blogger scarletvirago said...

Solo moving going is my favorite way to go! I don't have to share my goodies, my arm-rest, or my ear (listening to their opinions).

AND I can go as many times as I want to the same movie without ever admitting (out loud) what a nerd I am.

10:15 AM  
Blogger Pink said...

Hi Cooth. So good to see you around today :)

Post something - anything - gimme a recipe for cookies. better yet, gimme cookies. oh ya....that doesn't work on a blog.

anything - I want to see your comeback :)

entertainment factor not necessary.


6:06 PM  

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