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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Great Big Bowl o'Fun

I found this great bowl at a cute little shop in Minot on Saturday. I have always wanted to "decorate" my kitchen using the cookie jar in the picture as inspiration. The bowl isn't an exact match, but it's close enough for me. Now that I have two items, I'll have to look for more and make it happen.

Yan and I drove up to Minot on Saturday. She got a new car, so we had to make sure it was road-worthy. It is. She'll have a very pleasant drive to her new destination. Well, that is if the kitty prozac works. I can't imagine driving 1800 miles with two cats in the car. Good thing one of her friends is going along, she can kitty wrangle.

While in Minot, we visited the Yarn Stash. Yep, I need more yarn!! Really. I found a pattern for a scarf that is going to take me forever, so if I start on it now, maybe I'll have it done by next winter. Of course, I'm beginning to think this winter will never end, but that's another story.

Next door to the Yarn Stash, we found the cutest little shop that sold vintage items. I found a history of North Dakota basketball year-book type thing from the late 70's. Thought I might know someone in it. I did. I didn't buy it, just looked at the pictures for awhile. I did buy the bowl. I bought for another purpose, but it won't work for that. And I found a Confuscius figurine. It will go well with the middle-eastern elephant and Buddha in the spare room.

Yesterday, Yan - who is diligently cleaning out her cubicle - gave me a book of recipes from 130 different women from North Dakota. Yeah, I know one of them. This freaks her out. Makes me laugh.

I gotta go watch the train wreck that is BB9.


Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Yessum, I love vintage stuff too. A few years ago I went to an antique shop and there was an estate sale of 50's clothes that were all worn by the same lady. She was exaclty my size and I bought three of the most beautiful suits. But ladies' feets were smaller then and my big hoofs could not be jammed into her shoes. Sigh.

The heroin addicts who lived in my cottage court had a lot of old bottles and when they got evicted they off loaded the bottles onto me!

12:12 PM  

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