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Friday, April 28, 2006

It's all about Me

I AM glad it is Friday.
I WANT what I can’t have.
I WISH I could quit my part-time job.
I HATE black olives.
I MISS the innocent child my son once was.
I FEAR low flying aircraft.
I HEAR Nick Gilder singing “Hot Child in the City”.
I WONDER who wrote the book of love?
I REGRET not seeing Moulin Rouge in the theater.
I AM NOT a good liar.
I DANCE really really bad
I SING even worse than I dance.
I CRY when I am angry.
I AM NOT ALWAYS right, even though I think I am.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS socks, dishcloths and scarves.
I WRITE to remember.
I CONFUSE Kt when I talk about numbers.
I NEED someone to need me.
I SHOULD clean up my cubicle.
I START many things that I never finish.
I FINISH every pint of Ben & Jerry’s that I start.
I TAG anybody who cares to play along.

Smell of Chlorine

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh............... How I love the smell of chlorine in the morning. (Actually love it all day long) After a LONG hiatus...I finally returned to the Y this morning for water fitness class. Go me. It was the one and only time I have gone to the Y this entire month. Good to know that the membership card does still work and I haven't forgottten the combination to my locker. Whew. Felt good to work out. I even "dared" to dive in. I've been stressing about that because that is how I tore the tendon in my foot way back in December.

Found out that the instructor for the Tue/Thur class that I really don't like, is no longer teaching. Actually, I like HER, I just don't like the class when she is teaching. So now no excuses for missing that class either. Goal for next week is 3 days. I am absolutely positive that getting back to working out is just what I need to get me re-energized. In fact, I'm feeling so re-energized, I think I'll go get some work done right now.....

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cooth Revisited: Part 1

In high school, I was known as "Cooth". I vaguely remember how I got the nickname, but that’s not the reason for this post. I liked high school. I had a good time. I was a fairly good student, had I applied myself, I could have done better. But best friends, boys, parties, band and all the other extra-curricular activities were much more fun.

Tug and I were best friends in high school. We found a lot of ways to get into trouble. I think the topper was the night we told my parents we were staying at her house and told her parents she was staying at my house and we left town. Seemed fool-proof at the time. But, yes, we did get caught. I think that was the reason my mother grounded me until I was 42. It was a fun night. Met a cute guy named Duh-wayne. He was tall. And really really wanted to take a shower with me. I was 17, it was the 70's and that seemed weird to me. Nowadays, not so weird. :o)

I drove a red 1965 Oldsmobile Station wagon. Kinda looked like this:

But minus the luggage rack, shiny paint and fancy wheels. But that didn’t matter. It ran good, you could get lots of people in there and the back seat folded down, if ya know what I mean. nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

We spent a lot of time in the car dragging main in our little town. Honking, waving, going "behind the bank" to chat. Ah, the days before e-mail and cell phones, when you still talked in person.

I was in band. Played the clarinet. When my brother started band he brought home a tenor sax, so I taught myself how to play that. Which led to me playing baritone sax in our stage band. Loved that. We had a really good band with a dictatorial band director. Our band took trips to the World’s Fair in Spokane, the Calgary Stampede, Washington DC. . . Lots of fun times.

Our school put on musicals every two years. Senior year, I played Mother Abbess in The Sound of Music. Yep, me, a nun. Talk about type-casting. The girl who played Maria, sang the national anthem at the Army/Navy football game sometime in the early 80's. I never did any singing after that. And the world is quite grateful.

We listened to our music on the am radio. Or the 8 track tape player, record player or cassette. Tug had an awesome portable 8 track player. If I remember correctly, the tracks had to be changed manually? Always fun when a song ended on one track and continued on the next. Some of the albums I remember fondly....Boston's debut aptly titled - Boston. This album was awesome. I still can sing every damn song on there. And every time I hear a song from it, I'm back dragging main. Bob Seger - Night Moves. Still one of my faves. Tommy James and the Shondell's greatest hits. Beach Boys - Endless Summer. And who can forget....all the great disco songs.

I could go on, but will do a part 2 another day.....

Monday, April 24, 2006

Fun & Games in Helsingborg

One of my favorite --- err, I mean favourite --- blogs to read is Mark Base. The guy has a wicked sense of humor and reading it helps me pursue my Swedish obsession.

Today, I had an e-mail from Mark telling me about a new game page on his website. Check it out, it's lots of fun!

Hangman rocks! I haven't played that for years.....unless you count Wheel of Fortune.

The neo-pet version of Mark is really hot. I tried to get him drunk so I could take advantage of him. He just spent alot of time pooing and needing medicine. Sounds just like my real life sex life.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Thanks Fred

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. It's early in the morning, no wind, sun is shining, sky is blue and nearly cloudless. Supposed to get up in the 70's today, but the wind will be picking up - of course. there is a chance of t-storms tomorrow night. I love thunderstorms. We had rain earlier in the week and the grass around here is getting green, trees are budding......IT'S SPRING!

I took the day off from work yesterday....I just really needed a day to re-coup. My house was a mess, I was behind on laundry, there were things growing in fridge that science would have been afraid of. It was really starting to stress me out. Today....I feel better about life in general. Have a few things left to do at home. And a few errands to run. We had two Super Wal-marts open here last week, so I'm debating....go check it out or go have Kmart all to myself. I'm feeling a bit anti-social...think I'll go to Kmart.

School is going well. I got my first homework assignment back on Wednesday night - I got a 56/55 on it. I disco. I have to give a big thanks to Kt. She has helped me over a couple of bumps in the homework. It's good to have smart friends. I've been struggling with words and she is a word wizard. I think I'm really going to like this college thing. It's good to have to think again.

Tb stopped over last night. His roommate up and left for California last weekend. She left all her stuff at the apt. Rent is due on the first and he has no idea if or when she will return. She left behind her pet dragon, too. Tb says it isn't looking too good and he can't get it to eat. Poor thing. Eww - never thought I would say that about a lizard.

Had a little chit chat with S yesterday too. Before sex and love and romance entered into our relationship, we were really good friends. It was good to see him and get caught up a bit. Maybe we are at the point where we can be friends again. I don't know. I'm not going to think about it.

Well, that seems to be all the latest and greatest from my boring corner of the world. Peace out.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Secret is Out

Yep, I'm a cheap drunk and I'm easy when I'm drunk. Thanks. With friends like you guys, who needs an advertising agency? Guess I can quit buying sharpies.

Spent the holiday weekend with the family. Ma & Pa. Brother & Sister-in-Law. Tb, the niece and BigD. Had a good time. Ate too much, spent too much time away from my studies and my messy house. But it was worth it. Don't get to see BigD that often and hadn't seen the niece since New Years. We have NEVER managed to get all the cousins together at one time. There are just 6 of them. But 4 belong to one brother. And his crappy wife.

By Saturday night, BigD was super-sugared up and completely worn-out. He had gone skateboarding with Tb, had been on an Easter Egg Hunt, played soccer with me, and ran around like a normal 5 year old. He was pretty tired out by the time we went to dinner. He was seated next to the niece (she's 2 1/2), and leaned over and gave her a kiss.

The niece: "Why did you kiss me?"

BigD: (rolling eyes and shrugging shoulders) "I dunno."

The niece: "Do you love me?"

BigD: "yeah."

The niece: (turning to her mother) "Mommy, he loves me!!!!!!!"

It was way too cute. Too bad we don't live in Kentucky, we could start planning the wedding.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sick & Tired

Yesterday I was sick. It sucked. It all started on Sunday, my tummy hurt. I probably should have cancelled plans with Kt for Sunday night....but it was burnt hot dogs on the deck and last week's Lost episode. How could I cancel that??? Oh well, when I thought I was going to die yesterday, I was happy that my last meal was a burnt hot dog on the deck.

Tb got sick yesterday too. Instead of going to his own apartment, he came over to mine. Guess it's better to be sick on mom's couch than home in your own bed. We were quite the fun duo. Sleep, watch tv and sleep. He ended up staying overnight. Made me feel good that maybe he does still need me for something other than $$.

I am not done with my homework for either of my classes this week. I still have to come up with a topic for a business ethics paper by Thursday and my poor little brain is running in circles trying to find one. I may have to quit school....this is tougher than I thought. (kidding) I'm sure I will be fine as soon as I figure this out.

I have great friends. Last week Kt gave me goodies for the first day of school - a cool M&M pencil case and some pens and pencils and candy. Yesterday, got a gift from Tug....Hello Kitty pencils, gel pen and lip goop. Cool.

Friday, April 07, 2006

This Date in History

1118 - Pope Gelasius II excommunicated Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor, at Capua. The word of the day today is papible. Which is why I felt the need to include this tidbit.

1864 - The United States first camel race was held in Sacramento, California. Wonder if they still have them??

1927 - The first successful long-distance demonstration of television took place in the United States. Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover made a speech in Washington, which was seen and heard on a television in New York. And thus, began my love affair with television.

1943 - The drug LSD was first produced at Sandoz Laboratorie in Basel, Switzerland, by Albert Hofman. Wonder if this is just a coincidence with the Hitler/Mussolini meeting or if there is some hidden meaning here?

1943 - Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini met for an Axis conference in Salzburg.

1945 - United States navy aircraft sank Japan's largest battleship, the Yamato. And the phrase, "You sunk my battleship!" was first uttered.

1953 - Dag Hammarskjold of Sweden was elected Secretary General of the United Nations by 57 votes to one. I love Swedish stuff.

1963 - Jack Nicklaus became the youngest golfer to date to win the Masters Tournament; earning the win at the age of 23. Important golf trivia for business school.

1970 - Midnight Cowboy, starring Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight, became the first X-rated movie to win the Best Picture Oscar at the Academy Awards ceremony. Yippee for x-rated movies. I have never seen this. I should.

1985 - Prince completed his 32-city tour and said he would do no further live performances for “an indeterminate number of years.” The last city on the tour was Miami, Florida. He meant what he said, changing his name to a symbol and the name: The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. Still find that whole name change funny.

1987 - My son was born! Which really is the point of this posting.

1998 - British-born pop star George Michael was arrested on suspicion of committing a lewd act in a park restroom. The singer, age 34, was alone in the restroom in Will Rogers Park when an undercover officer saw him commit the act - police would not disclose what the act was, but did say that Michael did not proposition the officer. Michael was released on $500 bail. A few days later, he publically apologized to fans, and announced his homosexuality. Why is this on a "this date in history" page? Is it historically significant? I think not. But it is freekin' hilarious.

And nothin new has happened on this date since.....

Happy Birthday, Tb.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cathy Does College

So, I started school last night. First up, Success Strategies.

We started class by getting up and introducing ourselves and then moved on to learning how to grip a golf club. Guess golfing really is important to being successful. We got to putt to see if we could skip the first homework assignment. I will be doing the homework. I hit the cup, but it didn't go in. Oh well. I like the class, I like the instructor and most of the 12 other students seem like normal people.

Tonight's class is Business Ethics. However, I am having an ethical schedule doesn't have the room listed. Good thing it's a small school.

And hurray to my hero Kt! I completely forgot to tape Lost! But she has come to my rescue and has it taped. I may have to buy her dinner at Wendy's tomorrow night.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


My favorite nephew, BigD, was in town last night. He is 5. He looks so much like my brother did when he was little. I really, really could steal him.

He is going to stay with Grandma and Grandpa until next weekend. Then he and Grandma will take the train to get him home.

I don't think BigD's mother is very nice to him. Of course, I think she is psychotic and not too nice to anyone, but more so with BigD. He is the only one of her 4 children that looks like us. He acts more like us than the other 3 do. And she really doesn't like any of us. BigD is always so happy when he gets to come here and stay with us. I just wish it could happen more often.

He and Grandma have alot of things planned. He will get to enjoy being "an only child" for a few days. I'm so glad. I'll get to see him a couple more times before he heads back home. Makes my heart happy.