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Thursday, April 24, 2008

(Semi-)Private Showing

I knew I had to see it in the theater or I would regret it. I wasn't expecting much from the movie, but since my Donny was in it, I knew I had to go. If nothing else, it would just be fun to see him up there on the big screen, larger than life.

I went to the "matinee" this afternoon. Well, the 4:50 showing, but it is still at matinee prices. Yes! I really can't stand paying $8.00 for a movie. I got my $6.00 ticket and my $7.25 worth of popcorn and soda...geez....and made my way to theater number 5. I had the whole place to myself. Hmmm, where should I sit. I got as close to the middle as I could and made myself comfy. Soon, the previews started and just as they were wrapping walked two more people. Damn. Oh well.

I think Martin Lawrence is pretty funny. Raven - meh. Albert the pig was really great. And then there was my Donny....The part was perfect for him. I can't even imagine anyone else in the role.

So anyway, I was pleasantly surprised -- the movie was actually entertaining. I laughed. I oogled Donny. I ate popcorn. It's all good.

And another thing...going to a movie by myself....WAAAYYYYY out of my comfort zone. I did it. I lived. Go me.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Catch Up on C.B.S.*

Damn, I suck at blogging. It's not that I'm too busy to blog. Just been too boring lately.

I'm falling apart physically. I have been doing physical therapy for the last two weeks for tennis elbow. I visited my chiropractor today because my neck is all out of place. My right foot is killing me so I have it taped up. Might have to go visit my podiatrist too if this doesn't clear up soon. I'm on a big dose of Naproxen for the tennis elbow, so I'm just amazed that anything CAN hurt. GEEZ - I sound like an old lady.

I'm sure that a big part of my physical woes is the excess weight I carry around, but I also haven't been exercising AT ALL. grrrr. at me.

Last week, I went to see "To Kill a Mockingbird." Great movie - I had never seen it before. We have a local group, Cinema 100, that brings in movies that aren't normally shown in this tiny market we inhabit.

Still busy with school. Had to do a paper for the stupid on-line class last week that involved visiting and then writing about a culture you have never had any experience with. UMMMM, we live in North Dakota--- home of the white people ---- After much contemplation, I wrote about my experiences visiting Tb in jail. The names were changed to protect the not so innocent.
I got an A. Still have a sucky grade though because of my midterm test and a couple assignments I just couldn't figure out what to do. I hate this class with a passion.

My accounting class is at that wonderful point where we are doing a practice set. The trial balance is due tonight. I ran mine last night and was off a penny. I found it right away....just from rounding. I rock.

Things with Tb are going okay. Most of the time really good. For example: His glasses broke and he took care of getting contacts all by himself. But he still throws me a curveball every once in a while. For example: He just can't stay off the porn sites on my home computer. This after I had already put a block on all websites that are rated badly or not rated. He apologized and I removed that. Then last night..... ugh!!! Just gotta say this - you would think a 21 year old would know better. I guess seeing titties is more important than respecting my wishes. Last night, I set the computer up with a password. He will not be getting on it unless I am home. How many days til August?

Spring is still alluding us. Although the temperatures have been decent, we are still getting blasted with cold Canadian air.

Work has been weird. We are having heat pumps replaced in the building, so for one day last week, my cubicle was inaccessible. Damn. Had to take a vacation day. :o) Still trying to get everything put away. My desk was a mess and I am sick of that. Trying to get it organized all nice and neat. Very trying for me.

Other than that, missing Yan, knitting on Monday nights, sleeping and watching tv. Yeah, it's an exciting life......

*C.B.S. = Crappy Boring Stuff (my favorite search that brought someone to my blog)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Major Medical Breakthrough

Two people sent me this today.....Maybe I have issues?



Friday, April 04, 2008

Comment on a Comment

From ScarletVirago

...and you have time to blog for the gratification of people you don't even know!

Overachieve, much?

You rock.

It's just cuz I love all youse guys!!!!

And really, I do enjoy having a blog, just haven't had the time to play with it much....and no, Miss C, not because of the toy!!