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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Just like my life.........

Online Dating

Weird Stuff I Think About

I went to water aerobics this morning. I can't figure out why, but on days I swim, my lotion smells better. Must be that magical mix of chlorine and shea butter.

My mom told me this weekend that she is donating her body to science. For real! She has had the papers signed and is in the process of informing her offspring. So, when she dies, she's going to medical school. I dont' think this is something I could do, but good for her. I'm still having trouble checking the donor box on the driver's license renewal. And it is for the stupidest reason ever. I'm afraid that by checking it, something will happen. I've never checked it before and I'm still alive, but if I check it, maybe something will happen so that someone better than me can use my organs. You just never know how the universe is going to take such things. How's that for psychotic?

On those same sort of lines....I keep seeing this commercial for becoming more active. "They" say that for every hour of activity, you can add 2 hours to your life. If that is true, why not just work out all the time - wouldn't you live forever then? Of course, if all you are doing is exercising, is that really living?

Why are quizzes on the internet so much fun? If you like music or the '60's, try this one! (I got 4 wrong, but didn't realize that you will not be penalized for listening to it)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Highlights of the Vacation.....

(and I use the term "vacation" loosely)

aDropped off a trunk load of "treasures" at the thrift store
aWent to a parade - I love a parade!
aHad a lovely picnic
aGot to eat grilled food - chicken & hot dogs
aSorted through a box full of paper - you know, mail that hadn't been read, stuff like that
aGot to play Scrabble with Mom - she won 2, I won 2 - there will be a rematch!
aBought a new summer jacket - it's a North Dakota souvenir jacket. Just what a native North Dakotan needs.
aWatched another disc of Entourage
aHad a nice visit with Tb
aJust loved spending a few days in a small town. I'm a small-town girl. Don't think I will ever get to live in one again, but wouldn't mind if that happened.

.....and Lowlights of the Vacation

aWrecked one of my new shoes by stepping into a wanna-be La Brea tar pit
aForgot my makeup at home, so had to go au naturale for the weekend
aCouldn't remember if I had locked my front door or not (I did - I'm just loosing my mind)
aDid not spend my vacation in Vegas.....My Donny played there this weekend
aHad absolutely NO cell phone reception. There just is none south of Interstate 94.
aMom does NOT have enough green beans planted in her garden. Shame on her. I love green beans from the garden.

But as always, it was good to get away from work and good to see my parents in their natural habitat. Mom is always so happy when I go visit.

My Cube

My co-workers had a little fun while I was on vacation!!!!!

I probably won't get much work done......

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Don't Bug Me Tonight

I'm spending the evening with these guys......

So I'll be busy, busy, busy......Knitting and drooling and laughing.....I love this show!


So what else is going on with me? Well thanks for asking. Not alot, but I'm gonna tell ya anyway.

School is out for 2 weeks. Hooray for breaks! Next round of classes start on July 2. Grades should be posted sometime today. I'm pretty sure of what I have for grades, but I really want to know who my teachers are next quarter. I'd rather see that posted!!
I actually started exercising again last week. Made it to the Y for water aerobics twice and went walking around the capitol grounds twice. Yeah for me!

I am taking half of this week off from work. Starting tomorrow at noon, I'm off until Monday. Not working at the crap-job this weekend, so I'm going to go visit my parents. I haven't been there for about a year. They are only 2 1/2 hours from here....But I just couldn't get down there for one reason or another. Mostly because of the crap-job, but also because I couldn't and wouldn't leave Tb home unattended. Okay, really, didn't want to leave my home unattended with Tb in it....Argh. Wednesday afternoon will be lunch with a friend and running a few errands, Thursday cleaning the house, Friday - road trippin'!

I have a new cd for the road trip, The Wreckers. Sanchez gave it to me after I told him I just wanted to be friends. I should have told him that a long time ago, he has been very attentive since we had "the talk". He had to give me this cd tho because most of the songs sound like I wrote them. It's a pretty good cd. I recommend it.

Sanchez and I also went to our favorite lunch last week - Pizza Burgers Flying Style at the Big Boy!! MMMMM - yummy!
Went to a 'stitch -n- bitch' party this weekend. That was fun. I actually did more stitching than bitching for once. And, the hostess made a fudge cake that was to die for!

I'm making an afghan for Tb. I learned a new pattern recently - Log Cabin. It's pretty easy to do and I think it will make a cool blanket for him. I'm trying to work a little bit on it every day while he is "away". That way, he will know that someone thought about him every day while he was there. Kinda corny, but I mean well. Here is a pic of my progress:

Tb is reading the Koran. He got a Bible at his last "residence". He is actually reading it (Koran). I'm 99.99% positive he won't join the fray. He did say it was interesting. At his next stop, he says he is going to request a Buddism book - (I don't know what that is). That one, I would find enlightening (harhar).

I made it through the last episodes of Bob Barker on TPIR. I only teared up a bit at the end of the last one. Yes, I am a TOTALDORK and taped the last three episodes.

I seem to be in a better mood than I have been lately. I'm really glad about that. Baby steps.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Visit

Yesterday, I made my first visit to the pen. There were many steps that had to be taken for me to get there. First, and I guess most important, Tb had to be sent there. Otherwise, I would have been quite happy never having visited the place. Really. Next, I had to fill out a form so the powers-that-be could check out my criminal past and make sure I should just be a visitor and not an actual resident. I passed that and now it was time for the actual visit. I read all the rules and regs about going on the visit. I couldn't take anything in with me, I had to go through a metal detector, there was a possibility of being patted down and of course, there was the threat of strip search. So as I was getting ready, I made sure to shave, just in case I had to get naked for an officer of the law.

I get there about 12:15, park the car and walk up to the building. The gate opens magically (someone does this from inside the prison). I walk through. However, the gate does not close magically and a voice asks me to please close the gate. I abide, just in case there is someone with a rifle pointed at me....

Now I enter the prison, fill out a visitation form with all my pertinent info. The guard checks me out on her computer. I'm okay. I can go in. But first I have to have my hand stamped with something that can only be seen under a black light, go through the metal detector and have my shoes x-rayed. (So the guard got to see my pedicure-lol) Then I go through the first set of bars and "clock-in". They have visitors clock in with a pin number so that in case of an emergency (I hear "riot") they know who all is in the building. Then through the next set of bars. Then bars 3, 4 & 5. Finally....into the visitor room.

The guard here calls somewhere and I wait. Looking around, reading the rules, checking it all out. There are vending machines (I should have brought some money). It takes me a minute, but I finally do figure out that there are actual prisoners in the room. They are dressed in khakis and white tee-shirts. They look just like everybody else!! After about 5 minutes, Tb appears. Not magically or anything, he came through a door....

So, we have a hug. Hugs are only allowed at the beginning and end of a visit. And proceed with our visit. He seems to be doing well. He looks good. His mood is good. He's lost a little weight and has been exercising, so he is toned up. Yep, jail agrees with him....but, I think that is just because there is no Jack Daniels or pot there...

According to him, he will be there for another week or so, then he will be moved either to "the Farm" which is a minimum security facility south of town, or to treatment in another town. He has a job. He earns $0.65 per day for mowing the grass and raking the horseshoe pits. He says he likes that, it gives him an opportunity to spend extra time outside each day. And, he also has a nice tan.

So, we talked for about 2 hours. I'm going to back on Thursday night. Since I did not bring any money along with me so we, err he, was deprived of vending machine fare. And, Thursdays is adults only. The kids there yesterday were running rampant! I suppose that is expected on Father's Day, but it makes me sad.

Friday, June 08, 2007

I Have a Style???

Found this over at Pinks:

And if you want to look at my adorable widdle toesies...well, they are just a couple of posts down....

Thursday, June 07, 2007

And Now For Some Good News.....

Jericho has been un-canceled! I'm not going to lose my Wednesday night eye candy.
Little bit of Skeet followed by Sawyer and Sayid. Gods, I love Wednesdays.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Sad Day Indeed

Today is Bob Barker's last day at work. I just LOVE to watch the Price is Right on my days off. I may have to take next week off and watch his final shows....what a great idea for a vacation!

Bye-Bye Bob! - Days off just aren't going to be the same without you!!

And PS - please have your pet spayed or neutered!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Knocked Up

Went to see the movie Knocked Up yesterday. It was pretty good. I would recommend seeing it. I expected it to be better because of all the hype about it, but it was entertaining. I did find it weird that the "next" morning, he can't remember whether or not they had sex, but 2 months later, he remembers word for word what was said when explaining why he didn't wear the condom....Oh well....I probably don't get it because I've never been so drunk I don't remember what I did. Yet.

Other "excitement" of the weekend:

*Started a new afghan for Tb - Figure I will work on it a little bit every day while he is "away" so when he "comes back" he'll know that someone was thinking about him every day

*Went to Wal-mart for a Great Value Sugar Free Fruit Punch run

*Ate cereal for dinner 2 nights

*Watched The Dead Girl, The Prince and Me, and the first disc of the second season of Entourage

Yep, another snorefest at the Cooth Mansion.....

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Great Expectations, Chapter Two

For the record: I SUCK at relationships with actual human beings.

About three months ago, I decided that I wanted to get laid. That was all. Well, maybe there was more to it than that. Sanchez and I have a long history. We had stopped seeing each other for the umpteenth time in November. Just kinda stopped, no big break up, no humongous fight, just kinda stopped... But that was our normal pattern. So when I sent the e-mail I did have ulterior motives. I figured if he didn't show up, that I would finally realize that it was over. If he did just show up per the conditions of the e-mail, I would know that the whole relationship was just about sex. Yes, I have low self-esteem and would have never guessed that he actually had feelings for me and wanted to really have a relationship. Which is what he said. But he's good at saying, not so good at follow-through.

After three months, the relationship just fell back into it's normal routine, so I decided to be a grown-up about it and have a conversation. Thursday, my son was moved from county jail to the state pen. Sanchez came over between work and school to give me a hug. I decided it was time to broach the subject. We had the same conversation we have everytime I get fed up with things. Then I had to go learn how to be an accountant.

Friday I call him and ask him to meet me for lunch. I know, but ask anyway, "How many times have we had that same conversation we had last night?" Too many. I told him I never want to have it again. So let's just be friends. I love this guy. Alot. But he just doesn't get that you can't tell me you want the "strings and conversations" and not do it. So there I go again with the expectations. I think he finally got it. I think we will do okay as friends. I am happier when he is in my life and when he's not, I carry around way too much anger which isn't good. Just gotta work on the wanting to jump him every time I see him thing.

Someday, I may start dating again. Right now, not ready for it. Too much going on with school and Tb. And really, I'm too much of a mess in my head to subject anybody to that. Besides, then I would probably end up with expectations.