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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Finally, finally, finally....somebody has come to my blog by googling something dirty. Yeah! I feel so naughty! Someone visited me from New Jersey by googling "interspecies erotica". Yep, I posted about that....after seeing Clerks II! hahaha. Made my day.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I'm sick of:

1. Being fat
2. Being broke
3. Pinched nerve in my back
4. My messy house
5. Being single. Very, very single
6. Being a big wuss
7. 99% of my clothes
8. Paying for a gym membership I'm not using
9. Being lazy
10. The dermatitis on my ankle
11. Procrastination
12. Not having anything for lunch at my house
13. Not taking the time to do the things I enjoy

I should have stayed home today.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I don't wanna work.......

You're 30% Irish
You're probably less Irish than you think you are...But you're still more Irish than most.

This is pretty darn close! Genetically, I am 25% Irish.

I'm sure the link won't work, they never do.. so go here!


I hate my history class. When I was reading the description of the class I thought "WooHoo" -- I like history I like pop culture, History of Pop Culture should be a perfect class. NO. WRONG!
We watch movies. In uncomfortable chairs. The room is cold, like a meat locker. The movies, I've seen them all, except 3 of them. We watch the movies and then go home. We never discuss the movies or how they relate to pop culture. The only class we have had any kind of worthwhile discussion was the night we had a substitute. I've discussed my dissatisfaction with the instructor, but he doesn't seem to care. I'm so pissed about this.

We do have a paper that has to be written for the class. Last week we had to turn in the rough draft of the paper so that he could go over it, get it back to us last night and then the final paper is due next Monday. The Monday after that is our last class. I asked for the paper last night, he said he would have it for us next week. So that means we hand in the paper on the last night of class and will never see it or our grade....grrrrrr.

So, here's the movies we've watched: Grease, We Were Soldiers, The Godfather, All the President's Men, Good Night & Good Luck, Pretty in Pink, Pump Up the Volume, Sixteen Candles, Saturday Night Fever, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It just ticks me off that I'm having to pay $845 tuition and bought $106 worth of textbooks to watch movies....I want my money back.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

YOU on a Diet

I bought a new book Friday, my contribution to "Black Friday." I never shop the day after Thanksgiving, so this is worth documenting. lol. I had a 25% off coupon and the book was already 30% off, so I got this $25.oo book for $13.16. woo hoo. And now I am reading "YOU on a Diet" by Dr. Oz. I had watched the show on Discovery Health and it intrigued me enough to actually go out a purchase it. So far, it's pretty good. It's easy to read and I've learned a few things. I think the most important thing so far has been this.... An important aspect of getting and staying thin: You need to have a satisfying monogamous sex life. Hmmm....I always thought I wasn't having sex because I am fat, turns out, I'm fat cuz I'm not having sex. Go figger.

Had a great time over at Kt's last night. Laughed alot! I needed that! It was a close match, many attempts were made by both teams in the category "Game Time". But the boys managed to win. Next time.....

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Big Turkey

So Turkey day has come and gone....didn't do much. My back went out 2 weeks ago and I have been a major slug since it happened. I stayed home Thursday, popping 4 advil every 4 hours so I could get a decent meal cooked for me and Tb. And I did. We had a turkey breast, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese sauce, stuffing, gravy, ho-made wheat bread, seven layer salad, pumpkin pie and yep, there was lefse. It was pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.

The back issue, grr. I have two vertebrae in my back that are too close together. I think it stems from way back when I broke both my legs. As long as I am exercising regularly, it does not bother me. I haven't been exercising regulary for about 8 months. No wonder I am having problems. I've been to the chiropractor 3 times and will probably go again Monday. Guess maybe this is the huge kick in the arse I need to get my huge arse back to the Y. Some days, I really piss me off.

School is going well. Got my mid-terms - all A's. :o) I have my schedule for next quarter. I am taking Intro to Pschology, Employment Law and Intro to Management. They had me scheduled for Office Procedures, but since I have worked in an office for the past 19 years....I'm testing out. That will save me about $900.00. Yippee.

I just have 3 episodes of Battle Star Galactica to watch and I am all caught up. Kt and I are taking December 19th off from work to watch the Season 3 marathon. Oh, and it just so happens that is my birthday! Yippeee.....cake, Starbuck and getting older...

Had my performance review at work last week. All is well except for my uber paranoid supervisor has an issue with me and a co-worker because we "whisper". He thinks we are talking about him. No, just talking about shit we don't want everyone in our cube farm to hear about. He also said that 2 other people in the division have commented on it. I asked one of them and she said that he was the one to bring it up. That's so annoying. He is supposed to be our HR person and he's stirring up shit like this. So now, when I talk about menstrual cramps, I'll make sure everyone in the office can hear about it....

I'm glad it's the weekend. I bought a new book yesterday - I want to read!!! Kt is having a few people over to play Trivial Pursuit today. Tomorrow, I gotta do some homework and a bit of housework. fun times....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I'm Thankful For: (in alphabetical order)

1. belly from sullivan
2. cherry garcia ice cream
3. freedom
4. friends
5. good books
6. healthy parents
7. I'm healthy
8. lefse making skills
9. life
10. netflix
11. sense of humor
12. Tb
13. yarn

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

And Thor said: Let there be lefse! Part 1

It's been awhile....let's see if I remember how to do this blogging stuff.

So, I'm part Norwegian. I'm mostly Swedish, but the Norwegian in me had a burning desire to make lefse. Okay, so it was really kt's idea, but I liked it and went along with the plan. First, find someone who has made lefse and has the necessary equipment. Called Mom, she had most of the stuff we needed and has actually witnessed lefse making, so she was "drafted".

Mom arrived on Friday night and we started our little adventure with a trip to the antique store that was selling everything for 75% off and going out of business. Then we went to Kohl's, then out to dinner. With adult beverages.

After dinner, kt and I peeled 10 pounds of potatoes and put them on the stove to boil. After they were cooked, Mom and I riced them, added all the other ingredients (except flour) and put this mixture in the fridge to cool overnight.

Fast forward to Saturday morning......kt arrives and we get going......

Add the flour.....

Gather the tools.....

Heat the grill to 500 degrees fahrenheit! Hot mama!!!!

Feel the gluten. (We still don't know what that means...)

Cute little lefse balls!

And Thor said: Let there be Lefse! Part 2

Mom rolling out the dough

All rolled out and ready to cook!

Putting it on the griddle.....

Kt turning.....

Isn't it pretty!??!!

LET'S EAT!!!!!!!